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Since its foundation, the Santa Cecilia Academy has pursued the diffusion of Music in all its aspects, from public concert performance to professional musical training and the education of the community.
It is a commitment that began with the creation of the Music Lyceum and continued with the progressive increase in teaching activities that brought the Accademia the recognition for its pre-eminent role in advanced musical training with the official institution of its master courses.
Today, studying at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia means choosing to work with instructors and professionals of undisputed artistic value and renown who are able to inspire, guide and develop the talent and the musical personality of each student.
It also means choosing the opportunity to complete one’s training in the heart of an institution that produces music at the highest level every day, in an environment rich in artistic and cultural incentives that offers constant contact with the professional dimensions of music-making.
Last but not least, it means having one’s own talent valued and recognized with prizes and scholarships, and with the opportunity to participate in artistic projects of national and international scope.
Admission to the the 2017-18 Master Courses are now open
Courses and teachers: 
Composition: Ivan Fedele
Chamber music: Carlo Fabiano
Piano: Benedetto Lupo
Violin: Sonig Tchakerian
Cello: Giovanni Sollima
Admission to the 2017-18 Woodwinds & Brass, Timpani and Percussion are now open. Courses and teachers:
Flute: Andrea Oliva
Oboe: Francesco Di Rosa
Clarinet: Alessandro Carbonare
Bassoon: Francesco Bossone
Horn: Guglielmo Pellarin
Trumpet: Andrea Lucchi
Trombone: Andrea Conti
Timpani: Antonio Catone
Percussion: Edoardo Giachino


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