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Master Courses

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In 1939 the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia was officially recognized in its role in advanced music training with the establishment of the Master Courses in Music Studies.
The history of the Courses is one of highly prestigious teachers and of countless excellent students, many of whom have embarked on brilliant careers in music.
Today the Master Courses in Music Studies are acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. The three-year courses are geared towards young musicians holding academic diplomas and possessing outstanding performance skills, offering them the opportunity to gain excellent professional experience.
Master Courses in the 2017-18 academic year: 
Composition: Ivan Fedele
Chamber Music: Carlo Fabiano
Piano: Benedetto Lupo
Violin: Sonig Tchakerian
CelloGiovanni Sollima
Requirements for admission
The courses are open to students of any nationality who meet the following requirements:
a) possession of a traditional conservatory diploma (Italian old system) or of a first or second level degree achieved in the discipline for which they are applying. If the degree was obtained abroad, it will be considered valid if it has been declared equivalent to a Conservatory diploma; it is the responsibility of any student admitted to a course to obtain the equivalence of the foreign qualification, pursuant to applicable Italian laws.

b) age not exceeding 30 years; for the Composition Course, in view of the particular study path, the limit is extended to 35 years.

Exceptions to these requirements may be permitted only in exceptional cases, in the case of special, recognized artistic qualities and subject to the evaluation and approval of both the teacher and the President of the Accademia.
Candidates who meet the above requirements will be admitted to the entrance audition; the students who will pass the entrance audition will be admitted to courses as active students.
The Chamber Music, Violin, and Cello courses are open to the enrolment of auditors, upon presentation of an appropriate academic/artistic CV and subject to the approval of the course’s instructor. Auditors are not admitted to the Composition Course and to the Piano courses.
Examination programmes
All pieces must be prepared in full, and the concertos and solo works should be performed from memory. The Audition Panel, at its sole discretion, may ask applicants to perform all or part of the audition programme.
The Audition Panels may also ask applicants to explain reasons and objectives for attending the course.
Applicants should carry with them a valid identification document, as well as the music for their examination program, including parts for piano accompaniment, if required.
For admission to the Violin and Cello Courses, the Accademia will provide applicants with a piano accompanist. For admission to the Chamber Music Course, applicants must appear with all their fellow ensemble members.
The entrance examinations will take place at the Accademia headquarters, in Via Vittoria 6, Rome.
Applications for admission
Applications for admission must be submitted to the Accademia offices (Segreteria Didattica) by no later than the deadline for each individual course, by filling out the FORM.
Proof of successful application will consist of an email notification sent by the Fondazione, which the applicant shall produce on the day of the examination.
Please attach the following documents to your online application:
For active students
·              a copy of your diploma certificate;
·              your artistic CV with a specific list of repertoire;
·              a photocopy of your passport or identification document;
·              the examination programme you have chosen;
·              proof of payment of the examination admission fee.

For enrolment as a pre-existing chamber ensemble, each member must submit an individual application for admission, taking care to indicate the name of the group to which he/she belongs, and to attach, together with his/her own CV, the artistic CV and repertoire list of the ensemble itself.
For auditors
·              your artistic CV; 
·              a photocopy of your passport or identification document.
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Segreteria didattica - Alta Formazione
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Largo Luciano Berio 3
I 00196 - Rome
Applicants are asked, in any case, to bring copies of all materials submitted to the entrance examination.

Students already enrolled in the courses and confirmed for the academic year 2017-2018 must renew their request for registration online by no later than 25 September 2017, using the FORM and attaching proof of payment of the course tuition fee.
Fees for entrance examinations and courses

Active students
€ 70.00 entrance audition;
€ 950.00 annually; 
(for students in the Chamber Music course enrolled in another course at the Accademia at the same time, one of the fees is reduced to € 800.00);
€ 100.00 passage examination;
€ 250.00 diploma examination.
Individual fees for pre-established ensembles (Chamber Music Course): 
€ 70.00 entrance audition;
€ 500.00 annually;
€ 50.00 passage examination; 
€ 125.00 diploma examination.
- € 400.00 annually. 

Students in arrears with their course tuition and examination fees will not be admitted to lessons or to final examinations.
All payments, specifying as reason “Corsi di perfezionamento,” can be made by:
·     deposit to postal bank account no. 30406003
made payable to: Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia – Fondazione
·     bank transfer to account no. 9872
made payable to: Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia – Fondazione
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro - Agenzia n. 6340 di Roma, Via del Corso, 471
IBAN IT31 I010 0503 2400 0000 0009 872
·     Payments may also be made via Paypal
Every course year is organized in twenty-five lessons held between November and June. Students in the solo instrument courses who are not simultaneously enrolled in the Accademia’s Chamber Music Course are required to attend five complementary Chamber Music lessons, aimed at the preparation of the complementary Chamber music exam.
During the academic year, concerts and/or recitals will be organized: these events, whose intent is to allow the Courses’ students to perform at the venues at Auditorium Parco della Musica, are to be considered an integral part of the training offered by Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.
Attendance, in the classroom and at the educational and artistic activities planned by the Accademia (recitals, concerts, etc.) is mandatory.
Students are required to inform their instructor of any educational and artistic activities outside the Accademia and planned during course attendance; in this regard, students enrolled in other courses are asked to submit a certificate of enrolment for the attended courses (two-year programme / master’s programme / etc.).
Absence from lessons or entrance examinations shall not entitle the student to any refund for the fees paid.
Passage examinations
Upon the conclusion of each year of attendance, students will have to take an examination for the passage to the subsequent course year
Complementary Chamber Music examination (strings and piano)
Students enrolled in instrumental courses are required to take a complementary chamber music examination in the second course year; passing this examination is required for admission to the Diploma examination.
Diplomas in Master Courses in Music Studies are acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.
The Ministerial Decree of 13 February 1996 on rankings for teaching (a musical instrument) at middle school awards 3 points to the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia diploma for the instrument to which the ranking refers; if the diploma is for an instrument other than that to which the ranking refers, or regards chamber music, 1.5 points are awarded.
Ministerial Circular prot. no. 1672-07/10/2002, on the rankings for teaching at Conservatories awards the Accademia diploma 4 points for the teaching to which the ranking refers; 2 points for other teaching.
Information and contact
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Segreteria didattica - Alta Formazione
Via Vittoria, 6 - I 00187 Roma
tel: +39 0632817321 - 348
fax: +39 0632817366
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