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Online tickets

Prior to carrying out a purchase, we request users read the terms and conditions carefully.

1. Registration
This condition should be read and approved in all its parts before closing registration operations.

Registration is necessary in order to purchase tickets online via the website. Registration involves declaring a minimum amount of personal information in a form, which can be accessed from the web pages set aside for the service organisers. All compulsory fields of the form - indicated with a red asterisk - must be filled out.
If you are not registered click here.

During registration, the customer can choose any imaginary username he or she wishes (to be inserted in the Username field). Subsequently, the system will send a Password to the customer via e-mail.

Following registration of user details, the system sends an e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in the form.

Warning: The e-mail sent once the user has inserted his or her personal details concludes the end to the registration process. The e-mail contains a Password which allows the user, together with the Username, to make purchases online.

Registered users have access to the following functions:
  • Ticket purchases.
  • Check and verification procedures for purchases carried out.
  • Changes to personal information.
Details supplied by users will be processed according to regulations governing the safeguarding of personal information (with reference to Italian legislative decree Dlgs. 196/03 and subsequent modifications and integrations) as laid down in the Privacy Terms and Conditions.

2. Seat allocation
Seats are allocated automatically by the Listicket according to a system whereby the best available choice is made for the specific area/sector chosen by the user.

3. Restrictions on ticket sales
Purchase regulations limit the number of tickets that can be purchased at any one time to six. This process, however, can be repeated, in that users are free to carry out a new operation to purchase a further six tickets if they so wish. Some organisers, however, do limit ticket purchases to either less than six tickets or do not permit ticket purchases to be repeated. Where soccer matches governed by anti-violence regulations are concerned, the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased is 10 (ten).

4. Credit card purchases
Once the user has identified the event he or she wishes to attend and chosen the seat, payment procedures can be carried out.

Payment is made via a secure Verisign-certified platform, which is entirely integrated into the site itself.

Once the payment has been carried out correctly, a confirmation e-mail of the transaction is sent via e-mail.

The Purchase Order can be both viewed on the screen and printed, and authorises the bank withdrawal to be made.

The Lottomatica Italia Servizi S.p.A Proof of Purchase can be viewed by entering the 'Your Purchases' section and clicking on an order number that has been processed correctly. This indicates the sector, row and seat number purchased and displays the words "item sold" in the "current status" field.

The Proof of Purchase has the same value as a receipt. It is recommended that the user print a copy of the proof of purchase as it contains all details of the purchase order. It should be presented when claiming a ticket together with some valid form of identification to allow the system to recognise and confirm the registered purchaser.

Please note: In the event of the transaction being interrupted or failure to receive any of the abovementioned documents, customers should always check the status of any purchases. Details are available from the Your Purchases area in the section where the purchase has been carried out. The information relative to any purchase is held in this area and always available, even over a significant period of time.

Should you wish to receive more detailed, or further, information, please send an e-mail to the following address:

LIS reserves the right to cancel any orders that do not comply with requirements specified by the event organisers or that are clearly in violation of legislation currently in force.

5. Event cancellation and refunding
In the event of the event being cancelled for reasons that do not involve LIS, ticket refunds will be carried out in line with current legislation. This will take place ten days following the official announcement of the start to reimbursement proceedings at a venue chosen and announced by the event organisers. Ticket holders have the right to refunds for the declared face value of the ticket.

6. Ticket sale dates and times
Dates and times are officially communicated by event organisers although these might undergo variations. LIS communicates all dates and times on its website, as soon as they are officially announced by the event organisers. Internet sales can normally be carried out up to 24 hours prior to the event taking place. However, precise times and method of ticket purchase for each event will be published on the website.

7. Ticket collection
The organiser is responsible for ticket delivery. The venue and manner in which tickets can be collected are published in the pages related to the status of your purchase by following the Your Purchases link.

The following items should be presented by purchasers when collecting tickets: 
  • Your Proof of Purchase, which can be found in the 'Your Purchases' section by clicking on the correctly processed order number. This allows you to view your order details, which also carry the words "item sold".
  • A valid form of personal identification (i.e. driving licence, I.D. card or passport) to check the purchaser's personal details against the details inserted in the compulsory fields at the time of registering the purchase at the Listicket website.
In the event of someone acting on behalf of the purchaser, the person delegated should be in possession of a document authorising the person to act on his/her behalf and a photocopy of one of the above documents belonging to the purchaser. The delegated person should also be in possession of a valid form of personal identification.

8. Collection from the event venue
Collection from the event venue can normally be carried out on the day of the event at the designated ticket office. Venue and manner of ticket collection may undergo variations depending on the organisers responsible for the event.

9. Rights to 'opt out'
In accordance with article 7 of legislative decree Dlgs 185/99, no right to 'opt out' is foreseen for pre-event sales given that they concern - as stipulated in comma b) - the supply of recreational services for which the supplier is called upon to supply such as service on a specific date or in a specific period. As such, no refund of ticket price is foreseen in the event of purchaser withdrawal. LIS, however, is fully-prepared to discuss specific instances with customers in order to solve any matters arising as a result of such occurrences.

10. Internet service fees receipt
The Internet service fees receipt can be obtained with a simple request with the following steps:
  • In the e-mail you must include
    - Order number
    - Name and Family name / company name
    - Fiscal code or company registration number (or any other recognition number needed to validate the receipt for fiscal purposes)
    - Address / legal address.

The receipt will then be delivered to your e-mail address.
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