Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

Tutti a Santa Cecilia

Download "TUTTI A SANTA CECILIA" 2017-2018 Season

Once again this year the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is offering “Tutti a Santa Cecilia!”, the popular season of informative concerts, shows and events dedicated to children (beginning with newborns), young people, schools, families and new audiences in general who would like to get to know the world of music. The touchstone for the season, is its rich calendar of concert-shows: these are lively lesson-concerts during which the characteristics of the music are explored, or a particular family of orchestra instruments or a group of voices is investigated. There is a special section for families which offers weekend events for all ages, including the beloved Sunday in music series – noontime concerts by the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Orchestra offered at truly affordable ticket prices.

Along with shows, there are also interactive music laboratories for schools that move from the music to the instrument and back again. In these laboratories, kids learn by doing: they get to play the musical instruments of the orchestra, make instruments themselves, conduct and sing. Also dedicated to schoolchildren are the Orchestra’s Open Rehearsals and Mettiamoci alla prova! (Let’s Give It a Try!), sessions in which the children get to sit onstage alongside the musicians.
For those who really want to improve their musical abilities, “Tutti a Santa Cecilia!” continues the successful didactic path that has led to the JuniOrchestra and to the Voci Bianche and Cantoria (Children’s Choruses), courses taught at a high artistic level in which participating children learn to play and sing together and get to perform in important venues.